Being brave for me is conditional. It’s conditional as I intellectualize whatever has my heart seeking to be brave and if I can’t make it fit within the parameters of my control, most times I don’t step forward.

I wish it weren’t this way. I wish I would always step forward to being brave, but what I’ve learned is the more I expand my parameters of control and step forward being brave, the more natural it will become.

Expanding my parameters of control might mean waiting and waiting is hard.

The Hard of Waiting

Waiting for what God has for me rather than striving and controlling for my intended outcome.

Waiting can be confusing because I fear missing out on the opportunity that I just know is the perfect fit for me.

Waiting is hard when we see other people moving forward doing what we want to do and we want to act now.

Waiting and trusting God that His better is better. That’s hard because my parameters of control tell me I know what’s best, safest, and easiest for me.

Or waiting can be confusing if what I am waiting for (like healing from an illness) doesn’t happen and I’m confused as to why God chose not to heal.

Where is God Telling You to Wait?

What challenge does this stir up inside of you as you wait on God?

What would happen if you didn’t wait?

What would happen if you did?

My sweet friends, let’s challenge ourselves to expand our parameter of control, stop striving and wait on God.

I don’t know what He’s asking you to wait on but as you wait you are stepping forward to being brave.

Step forward with me to being brave and wait on His perfect plan and timing. It will be hard and it will mean making an internal shift in your brain to wait. It may not make sense or be on our time frame, but it is exactly what God has intended.

Let’s Wait

You can trust Him. He loves you so much. Everything about God and from God is an act of love. You can do this. I can do this. Let’s wait. We will never regret it.


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